Our Mission

Over the years, we have learned so much from each other.  Our goal is to provide education to therapists administering feeding therapy in the areas in which they may not have had formal or extensive training.  For instance, many SLPs struggle when working with children who exhibit challenging and non-compliant behavior; however, there are a number of behavioral strategies that can be implemented to improve appropriate mealtime behavior.  On the other hand, a psychologist/BCBA may be unaware of the various types of oral motor deficits or swallowing issues that children with feeding problems may have. An initial oral motor assessment conducted by an SLP may shed light on a child’s specific oral motor deficits with the SLP able to provide specific recommendations with respect to safe and appropriate food textures and specific oral motor skills to target during intervention.  Our hope is that each clinician who attends our BITES® workshop will come away with new knowledge and a strong appreciation for multidisciplinary collaboration.